Cancellation and Refund Policy

• Article 1 (Conditions for cancellation and withdrawal of subscription)

The paid service provided by the company is a service whose subscription withdrawal is restricted as stipulated in the 'Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc.'. However, the member may cancel or cancel the contract for use of the paid service in the following cases.

1. If a member requests within 7 days of purchasing a paid service, the prerequisite is that the paid service has not been used at all. (Confirmation through download record) 2. If the company cannot supplement or correct the defects of the paid service, within one month from the date of receiving the 'paid service' 3. If the member does not agree to these Terms and Conditions or changes If you do not want to use the service and cancel your membership

• Article 2 (Member's Right to Cancellation and Refund)

A member may terminate the use contract at any time by notifying the company of its intention to terminate in accordance with the policy set by the company.

• Article 3 (Method and Procedure for Invoice of Refund)

The method and procedure for a member to cancel payment (withdrawal of subscription) and to send a refund for paid services in accordance with Article 2 are as follows.

1. Direct delivery through 1:1 inquiry Notify members. 3. However, even if the circumstances in Article 1 where payment cancellation (subscription withdrawal) is possible, if payment is made by mobile phone, payment cannot be canceled after the current month.

• Article 4 (Refund Rules)

If a member wants a refund after stopping the service while using the paid service, the following specific refund details will be followed.

1. In the case of annual and monthly subscription products, the payment is not refunded and the payment will be canceled from the following month because pro-rata calculation is not performed. 2. In the case of annual payment, as in No. 1, it is calculated in monthly units. If the initial subscription date is not exceeded, the period of use is defined as the subscription date, and if the subscription date is exceeded, the period of use is defined as the next month. So, how to get the number of months of subscription use is as follows. A. Number of months used + (Not applied if the subscription date has not passed, including the period after the subscription date has passed) B. The monthly subscription amount is applied as the principal amount. C. Total deducted amount = (number of months of subscription use X monthly principal amount) D. If the deducted amount exceeds the refund amount, no refund is possible. E. Total refund amount = paid amount - (number of months of subscription use X monthly principal amount)

3. Refunds are not applicable for Beat and individual song payments. 4. The fee charged by the payment method provider for payment cancellation and refund shall be borne by the member. 5. If a member voluntarily withdraws from the site member while using the paid service, even if the paid service period remains, it is considered that the remaining period has been abandoned, and no compensation or restoration is possible upon re-registration. 6. Mobile phone payments can be canceled or refunded only for the current month.

• Article 5 (Company's Right of Termination and Suspension)

The company may terminate the member's contract of use or suspend the use of the service without prior notice only if it falls under any of the following reasons or if the terms of use are violated.

1. When the video using the company's service causes social or moral harm 2. When creating a large number of accounts, withdrawing from service subscription, and repeatedly engaging in similar activities to gain benefits, not using the normal service When providing services to a third party without consent or approval 4. In case of interfering with other members' use of services or stealing their information 5. In case of sharing and using one member's account 6. In case of omission of regular payment due to a problem 7. When the company determines that it is necessary to refuse the provision of services based on other reasonable judgment

• Article 6 (Promotion and Discount Refund Policy)

The amount of paid services acquired free of charge through the company's promotions or used at a discounted price is as follows.

1. If the paid service is acquired free of charge through the company, it is not subject to refund. 2. If you use a discounted price and a refund is made, the normal price will be applied when calculating the deducted amount.

• Article 7 (Appeal)

Members may file an objection when they are terminated or suspended due to the reasons in Article 5. As a result, the company may resume using the service if it is deemed justified, and if the member proves that there was no intention or negligence, the company extends the period of use by the period of suspension of the service.

• Article 8 (Suspension of dormant account)

The company may terminate the contract after prior notice to the member who has not logged in for more than one year by e-mail or other contact method registered by the member.