I've gathered some frequently mentioned questions. FAQ

Subscription product

Q. How can I choose the right plan for me? +
The plan is divided according to the range of use of BGM. Those who only use SNS such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and streaming services such as African TV and Spoon can use the "Creator" pass, excluding advertisements such as dramas, radio, web advertisements, and web dramas, can use the "Business" pass. If the scope is not mentioned, including movies, advertisements, performances, and web advertisements, We are explaining the available procedures through Email!
Q. How do I search for an atmosphere or scene? +
To help us search accurately, we created a "tag" by selecting keywords that describe music with a music curator and collecting them to create a "category." You can easily find the song you want by selecting the tag you want and overlapping it within the category you want!
Q. I want to get the downloaded song again! Where can I see the downloaded records? +
The music you downloaded can be found on "My Page"! Items downloaded by customers who are using the voucher can be found in the "Download List" and those who have paid for the song individually and downloaded can be found in the "Download by Song"!
Q. How do I write in TV commercials or web ads? +
TV advertisements and web advertisements are allowed within a separate scope. You can consult with the person in charge about the contents. Email : [email protected]
Q. Can I change the channel that I registered for copyright permission? +
SNS channels such as YouTube and Facebook registered for copyright permission can be changed through My Page. My Page - Select the registration channel and paste the channel URL. Posts posted on the channel before the change are protected by copyright, but if our music was included when registering new posts on the channel before the change, please note that we will not be protected by copyright!
Q. How can I use individual songs? +
Individual purchases are made to be burdensome to purchase tickets, or creators, and individual freelancers are making additional channels. You must register the video address produced within 30 days of downloading to receive copyright protection, and only one video can be registered. If multiple songs are used in one video, you can register the same video address for each song used. You can register the video by registering the URL under the song you received on My Page > Download > Download by Song. The scope of the license follows the scope of the creator/business. Please note that the price is different accordingly. Advertisements that are not included in the scope, web advertisements, or if they are included in the enterprise, please contact us through [Email].

Payment Enquiry

Q. My subscription was canceled because I couldn't pay. What should I do? +
In the case of monthly pass payment, the subscription may be canceled due to unpaid payments due to credit card companies and lack of balance. If you pay for the ticket you used again, you can use it as before. However, if you used the price applied for events such as events and promotions, the discount price is not applicable.
Q. How do I unsubscribe? +
Please contact us via email.
Q. Can I get a refund after canceling my ticket? +
Both annual and monthly passes can be canceled and refunded. However, a refund is possible when the following conditions are met under the E-Commerce Act. - Request within 7 days of purchase - There must be no download history. Services that cannot be canceled or refunded are as follows. - Pay by song, download BEAT

Copyright Inquiry

Q. A warning appears that the copyright is owned by a third party. Is there no problem? +
Due to an error in the YouTube content identification function, the statement may be verified at the time of registration. Please check if the channel registration on [My Page] is normal, and when you download the video, make an "Objection" with the "Invoice" you received by email, credit for subscribers to the plan, and attach the white code to the video description. If it is difficult to solve, you can consult through 1:1 consultation. You have to register your channel to get copyright protection If you paid for the ticket, please register it on my page and registration channel If you have paid for individual songs, please register for the channel on My Page-by-Song Download!
Q. Can I get advertising revenue from YouTube? +
It's possible. You can use it with confidence because the copyrights you produced are managed. Please make sure to write a credit on the video introduction and write a white code for each song You must register your channel to obtain copyright protection and advertising revenue. If you paid for the ticket, please register it on my page and registration channel If you have paid for individual songs, please register for the channel on My Page-by-Song Download!

Scope and duration of use

Q. When can I use the downloaded sound source while subscribing to the license? +
In the case of annual and monthly passes, you can download unlimited downloads within the deadline for using the pass. Considering that it takes time for the customer to produce the video after downloading the sound source, the video uploaded to the registered channel within 30 days of the expiration date even after the expiration of the license period is included within the copyright allowance. Likewise, individual song payments are also permitted if you upload them to the channel registered on My Page-by-Song Download within 30 days of payment.
Q. The scope of the license is not within the scope I want to write. +
We have researched and created the best possible range of use, but in your view, there may be a range that is not within the scope of use or that cannot be specified! In this case, please contact us through Email and review the scope of each other! Please make an inquiry.
Q. How far can I edit the downloaded music? +
All of our sound sources are available without damaging the musical components of the original, such as cutting, pasting, and copying. If you want to modify anything else, please contact us through [Email] and we will consult you.
Q. How do I withdraw from the membership? +
For membership withdrawal, please proceed with the withdrawal request through the representative email of [email protected].

For more information, please use the [Support] menu or contact us via [email protected]