Metafint Co., Ltd. We are providing Royalty Free Music BGM for video and audio platforms "SoundApply" platform operator. Along with the explosive growth of video support platforms such as YouTube, video production and playback of many users using them have been carried out It has become a big revenue model for individuals. As a result, YouTubers have become more competitive and focused on impactful video quality, and the produced video is effective The demand for background music (BGM), which is inserted to make it stand out, also surged. We have effective sound sources with various themes from all genres that meet the needs of our customers. Creator, YouTuber, music PD, drama film production company, government office, general company, event transfer, shopping mall production company, home shopping management company, Broadcasters, advertising agencies, brand agencies, publishers, audiobook producers, etc., all of these fields are copyright-free The primary client required. We use "free and reasonable use of BGM music copyright" as our service motto. Our music professionals will use a variety of music curated according to the theme and situation to make it cooler I look forward to the result of the video, and I will create and update an optimized BGM sound source accordingly. Thank you.



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